Umberto Andriolo, IDL PhD student enrolled in the EARTHSYSTEM PhD Program received the First Prize for the Best Communication in Geography, Oceanography, Environment and Natural Science at Jornadas do Mar for his work “Measuring wave runup and intertidal beach topography from online-streaming surfcam”.
The award cerimony was held at the Naval School of Portuguese Marine in Lisbon, at the presence of the President of Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa on the 11th of November 2016. The work was performed in collaboration with  Rui Taborda (IDL) and Elena Sánchez-García (Polytechnical University of Valencia).

In the winning communication, Umberto presented:

1) a method to use online-streaming images for quantitative hydro- and morphodynamic coastal analysis;

2) a technique to automatize wave runup measures by timestack images;

3) a novel procedure to derive beach profile through timestack and Variance image sequence over half of tidal cycle.

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