2019-2020: RV METEOR M155 – The tsunamigenic gravitational flank collapse of Fogo volcano, Cape Verde Islands, DFG (Germany), Ricardo Ramalho (PI)
2018-2021: Dune, FCT, Carlos Corela (PI)
2018-2021: LABELEC, FCT, Fernando Santos (PI)
2018-2021: MAGGIC, FCT, Fernando Santos (PI)
2018-2021: Soil4ever, FCT, Fernando Santos  (PI)
2018-2021: SUGGEST-AFRICA, FCT / Fundação Aga Khan, Rui Fernandes (PI)
2018-2021: SIGHT – SeIsmic and Geochemical constraints on the Madeira HoTspot system, FCT, Graça Silveira (PI)
2018-2021: UNTIeD – UNlocking the megaTsunamI Deadlock: using the near-source impacts to constrain tsunami generation by volcanic flank collapses, FCT, Ricardo Ramalho (PI)
2018-2020: STORM, FCT, Susana Custódio (PI)
2018-2020: DFG RA 1597/3-1 – Rhodoliths from the Cape Verde  Archipelago: insights into climate change and megatsunami sediment dynamics, DFG (Germany), Ricardo Ramalho (PI)
2018-2019: Tracking oceanic storms from seismic signals recorded in Macaronesia – PHC-Pessoa, FCT, Graça Silveira (PI)
2017-2020: C4G – Collaboratory for Geociences, FCT, Rui Fernandes (PI)
2017/2020: IGCP 655 Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event: Impact on marine carbon cycle and ecosystems. included in the thematic area of “Global Change and the Evolution of life: evidence from the geological record
UNESCO and IUGS, Ana Cristina Cabral (PI)
2016-2019: MEGAWAVE – Unravelling the hazard potential of tsunamis triggered by volcanic flank collapses, FCT, Ricardo Ramalho
2016-2018: Análise de Atributos e Inversão Sísmica para a Interpretação e Caracterização de Reservatórios do Pré-Sal, Agência Nacional do Petróleo-Brasil, Ana Azerêdo*
2016 – 2019: SALTFREE – Salinization in irrigated areas: risk evaluation and prevention, FCT/ ERA-NET ARIMNET2, Fernando Santos (PI)
2016 – 2019: FIRE – Fogo Island volcano: multi disciplinary Research on 2014 Eruption, FCT/PTDC, Rui Fernandes (PI)
2016 – 2018: MOZ3-5/PAMELA – PAssive Margin Exploration Laboratories, TOTAL, Nuno Dias*
2015 – 2019: EPOS-IP – The European Plate Observing System, EU/H2020, Rui Fernandes (PI)
2015 – 2018: MINATURA – Developing a concept and methodology for the definition and subsequent protection of “mineral deposits of public importance” in order to ensure their “best use” in the future in order to be included in a harmonised European regulatory/guidance/policy framework
EU/ H2020, António Mateus (PI)
2015 – 2017: NewOres – Development of New models for the genesis of Rare Metal (W, Nb, Ta, Li) Ore deposits from the European Variscan Belt and valorization of low grade and fine grained ore and mine tailings, FCT/ERA-MIN, António Mateus (PI)
2014 – 2018: TIDES – ES1401, Cost Action, Graça Silveira/Carlos Corela
2012-2015: Origin of the Cretaceous-Tertiary and Triassic-Jurassic Mass Extinction: Bolide impact, volcanism or both?, FCT, Eric Font (PI)

* Responsible Researcher in the IDL (Collaboration/Task leader)