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Annual Scientific Reports

IDL produces annually a scientific report.

Report 2016
Report 2015
Report 2010
Report 2009
Report 2008

Advisory Board Reports

IDL is subjected every year to an evaluation process, coordinated by an International Comission, composed by Sierd Cloetingh (Netherlands Research Center for Integrated Solid Earth Science), Christoph Schär (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) and Montserrat Torné (ICTJA-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain).

AdvComm Report 2018
AdvComm Report 2016
AdvComm Report 2015
AdvComm Report 2013
AdvComm Report 2011
AdvComm Report 2010
AdvComm Report 2009

Legislation & Regulations

Nomeação do Coordenador IDL
Despacho D41/2018

Transferência IDL/FCUL
Despacho nº 5632/2014 de 28/04

Delegação de competências no Diretor IDL
Despacho nº 13708/2012 de 23/10

Nomeação do Diretor IDL
Despacho nª 10889/2012 de 10/08

Estatutos do IDL
Despacho nª 10265/2012 de 31/07

Estatuto Histórico do IGIDL
Despacho nª 5548/2004 de 20/03

Regulamento Geral do IDL

Regulamento Biblioteca