Name and Description Funding Institution PI Dates Logo
FORLAND - Disastrous floods and landslides in Portugal: driving forces and applications for land use planning FCT/PTDC Ricardo Trigo 2016 - 2019
IMDROFLOOD - Improving Drought and Flood Early Warning, Forecasting and Mitigation using real-time hydroclimatic indicators EU Ricardo Trigo 2016 - 2019
SPIDER - Seismogenic Processes In slowly DEforming Regions FCT/PTDC Susana Custódio 2016 - 2019
SALTFREE - Salinization in irrigated areas: risk evaluation and prevention FCT/ ERA-NET ARIMNET2 Fernando Santos 2016 - 2019
BrFLAS - Sistema Brasileiro Fogo-Superfície-Atmosfera FCT/FAPESP Carlos da Camara 2016 - 2019
PIEZAGRO - Vulnerability risk assessment for the agroforestry sector in South Portugal under climate change: Impact of the evolution of the piezometric level FCT/PTDC Cathy Kurz-Besson 2016 - 2019
FIRE - Fogo Island volcano: multi disciplinary Research on 2014 Eruption FCT/PTDC Rui Fernandes 2016 - 2019
PV City FCT/PTDC Miguel Brito 2016 - 2018
MEGAWAVE - Unravelling the hazard potential of tsunamis triggered by volcanic flank collapses FCT Ricardo Ramalho
MOZ3-5/PAMELA - PAssive Margin Exploration Laboratories TOTAL Nuno Dias 2016 - 2018
SOLAR - Earth System Modelling of the Eastern Atlantic Region FCT/PTDC Pedro Soares 2016 - 2018
EPOS-IP - The European Plate Observing System EU/H2020 Rui Fernandes 2015 - 2019
MINATURA - Developing a concept and methodology for the definition and subsequent protection of “mineral deposits of public importance” in order to ensure their “best use” in the future in order to be included in a harmonised European regulatory/guidance/policy framework EU/ H2020 António Mateus 2015 - 2018
NewOres - Development of New models for the genesis of Rare Metal (W, Nb, Ta, Li) Ore deposits from the European Variscan Belt and valorization of low grade and fine grained ore and mine tailings FCT/ERA-MIN António Mateus 2015 - 2017
BLUE MINING - Breakthrough solutions for sustainable deep sea mining EU/ FP7 Fernando Barriga 2014 - 2018
ERACLIM2 - European Reanalysis of the Global Climate System EU/ FP7 Antónia Valente 2014 - 2017
SusCity - Modelação de sistemas urbanos para a promoção de transições criativas e sustentáveis FCT João Serra 2014 - 2017
ASTARTE - Assessment, STrategy And Risk Reduction for Tsunamis in Europe EU/ FP7 Ana Maria Baptista 2013 - 2017
LSA SAF - Satellite Application Facility on Land Surface Analysis EUMETSAT Carlos da Camara 2012 - 2017