Rodrigo Amaro e Silva

Visiting researcher @ Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – LBL (2017)
Visiting researcher @ National Center for Atmospheric Research – NCAR (2017)
PhD student in Geophysics, Earth Systems Doctoral Program (since March 2015)
MSc in Energy and Environment Engineering (FCUL, 2014)
Scientific interests: solar energy, photovoltaics, renewable energies



Phd topic
Spatio-temporal solar forecasting

Brief description 

Solar PV systems, at all installation scales, are now cost-competitive with conventional energy sources in several countries, triggering an increased deployment of distributed small-scale systems and creating new energy paradigms such as self-consumption and prosumer.
The PV production of these geographically distributed energy generation units are obviously dependent on the incoming solar radiation and therefore may act as a distributed network of radiation sensors that may provide spatio-temporal solar radiation data. These ‘sensors’ are not as accurate nor calibrated as standard radiation measurement devices, they are often tilted with arbitrary inclination and orientation but nevertheless add valuable information which would otherwise be difficult and expensive to obtain.
The passing of clouds may result in irradiance changes around 20-80% in a matter of seconds. Thus, solar forecasting, which tries to predict this intermittency, is considered by the IEA (International Energy Agency) as one of the main enablers for a high-penetration of PV in the energy mix.

Sky status as seen by a skycam


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