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Research Group: Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate
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Title: “Weather extremes in a changing climate: variability, mechanisms and societal impacts”

Supervisors: Margarida L. R. Liberato, Alexandre M. Ramos, Célia M. Gouveia

Motivation and Objectives: The Euro-Atlantic extratropical region is experiencing shorter return period for extreme windstorms with notheorthy damages and societal costs. Precipitation extremes are also cause for concern as they lead to flooding, landslides and human casualties. Estimated losses are expected to increase in the future because of population’s vulnerability and lack of adaptation strategies, especially in densely populated areas. The ever-increasing concern about weather-driven natural hazards is the leading motivation for this research. The main purposes of the project are:

  • to investigate North Atlantic (NA) extreme storms’ variability and its linkage to large-scale dynamics;
  • to study how the storms variability is related to wind and precipitation extremes;
  • to assess extratropical NA cyclones variability and trends under recent and future climate conditions;
  • to analyse the structure and dynamics of selected case studies.


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