PhD in Geophysical and Geoinformation Sciences (Meteorology), 2011
Degree in Meteorology, Oceanography and Geophysics (Meteorology), 2006

Post-Doc researcher at IDL / IPMA (LSA-SAF).
Scientific Interests: Land Surface Temperature, Remote Sensing, GNSS Meteorology, Mesoscale and Boundary Layer Meteorology


Papers in ISI Journals

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Conference Oral Communications

  1. João P. A. Martins, Isabel F. Trigo, Nicolas Ghilain, Frank-M. Goettsche, Sofia Ermida, Folke-S. Olesen, Françoise Gellens-Meulenberghs, Alirio Arboleda (2017): A comparison of all-weather LST products. 10º Simpósio da APMG (Lisboa, Portugal).
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  3. Joao P. A. Martins, Ana Pires, Philipp Schneider, Isabel Trigo, Carlos Jimenez (2015): A multiplatform Land Surface Temperature dataset using AATSR, SEVIRI, MTSAT and GOES-E for WACMOS-ET – algorithms and validation results (keynote talk). 2015 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite conference (Toulouse, France).
  4. João P. A. Martins, Rita M. Cardoso, Pedro M. M. Soares, Isabel F. Trigo, Margarida Belo-Pereira, Nuno Moreira, and Ricardo Tomé (2015): The diurnal cycle of coastal cloudiness over west Iberia using the CM-SAF cloud data record (CLAAS) and a WRF regional climate simulation. 15th EMS /12th ECAM, Vol. 12, EMS2015-382 (Sofia, Bulgaria).
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  7. João Martins, Pedro Soares, Johannes Karlsson, Pedro Miranda, João Teixeira, Brian Kahn, Van Dang, Evan Fishbein, Eric Fetzer, Bill Irion: Towards a climatology of Boundary Layer Height using remote sensing observations. CFMIP/GCSS/EUCLIPSE Meeting on Cloud Processes and Climate Feedbacks, The Met Office, Exeter, United Kingdom, 6th-10th June, 2011.
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Conference poster Communications

  1. João P. A. Martins, Isabel F. Trigo, Nicolas Ghilain, Frank-M. Goettsche, Sofia Ermida, Folke-S. Olesen, Françoise Gellens-Meulenberghs, Alirio Arboleda (2017): A comparison of all-weather land surface temperature products. Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 19, EGU2017-6984, 2017 EGU General Assembly 2017. (
  2. J. Martins, I. Trigo, N. Ghilain, F. Goettsche, F. Olesen, F. Meulenberghs, A. Arboleda (2016): Feasibility study of an all-weather land surface temperature product. EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference 2016 (Darmstadt, Alemanha).
  3. João P. A. Martins, Isabel F. Trigo, Virgílio Bento, Carlos DaCamara (2016): A physically constrained calibration database for Land Surface Temperature infrared retrieval algorithms. 4th GlobTemp User Consultation Meeting (Lisboa, Portugal)
  4. João P. A. Martins, Ana C. Pires, Philipp Schneider, Isabel F. Trigo and Carlos Jimenez (2015): The WACMOS-ET Land Surface Temperature dataset. 6th EUMETSAT Land Surface Analysis Satellite Applications Facility (LSA SAF) 2015 User Workshop (Reading, UK).
  5. Rui M.S.Fernandes, P. Viterbo, M.S. Bos, João P. A. Martins, André Sá, H. Valentim, J.Jones (2014). NUVEM– New methods to use GNSS water vapor estimate for meteorology of Portugal. AGU Fall Meeting (San Francisco, EUA).
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  7. Philipp Schneider, Joao Martins, Isabel Trigo, Ana Pires, Carlos Jimenez, Catherine Prigent, Fred Prata, Frank Goettsche, and Simon Hook (2014): “Validation of Land Surface Temperature from multiple satellite instruments using worldwide in situ datasets and sensor inter-comparisons” European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014 (Vienna, Austria).

Technical Reports

  1. João Paulo Martins, Isabel Trigo, Sandra Coelho e Freitas, Ana Pires (2017): Copernicus Global
    Land Operations “Vegetation and Energy” – Scientific Quality Evaluation (Land Surface Temperature).
  2. J. Martins, I. Trigo (2017): Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document for MTG Land SAF Surface Temperature (MTLST)
  3. Isabel F. Trigo, I. Monteiro, S. Coelho, F. Olesen, F. Göttsche, R. Torres, J. P. Martins (2016): SAF for Land Surface Analysis (LSA SAF) Validation Report LST (LSA-001), ELST (LSA-002). SAF/LAND/IM/VR_LST/v1.5
  4. Sandra C. Freitas, Isabel F. Trigo, Carla Barroso, João Macedo, João P. A. Martins (2015): GIO Global Land Component – Lot I “Operation of the Global Land Component”. Land Surface Temperature (LST) Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document
  5. João P. A. Martins, Isabel F. Trigo e Ana C. Pires (2015): WACMOS-ET – LST product: Product User Guide.
  6. Philipp Schneider, João P. A. Martins, Ana C. Pires, Isabel F. Trigo, Carlos Jimenez, Frank Göttsche, Simon J. Hook, Fred Prata (2015): Reference Input Data Set Validation Report.
  7. João P. A. Martins, Isabel F. Trigo e Ana C. Pires (2014): WACMOS-ET – LST product: Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document.


  1. João P. A. Martins (2011) – Cumulus Boundary Layers in the Atmosphere: High Resolution Models and Satellite Observations.  
  2. João P. A. Martins (2006) – Arrasto Ondulatório por Ondas Internas Atmosféricas: Cálculo do impacto do efeito de corte do vento com base em dados ERA-40. (Degree Dissertation – Portuguese)


  1. “Analisando a camada limite atmosférica com os novos sensores do A-Train”. Sociedade Portuguesa de Geografia, 5 December, 2011.
  2. “O problema da transição entre regimes de convecção nos trópicos” – CGUL seminars – 6 April 2009
  3. CGUL Meteorology Meetings – 3D visualizations, conditional sampling and turbulent flux analysis in the TRMM-LBA case study – April 19 2010 

Recent Activities

  1. PostDoc Researcher at Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA), Land Surface Analysis Satellite Application Facility (LSA-SAF,, Lisbon (Portugal). Algorithm development for retrieval of Land Surface Temperature (LST) – calibration and validation of several Geostationary and Polar Orbiting sensors. Preparation of documentation (Calibration/Validation, Product Description, User Manuals, Algorithm Theoretical Basis). Product development for ESA-funded projects (WACMOS-ET, GlobTemperature). Collaboration with Climate Monitoring Satellite Application Facility, in projects that included the characterization of the diurnal cycle of low clouds over Iberia in the summer and the development of a long term LST dataset. Supervision of students in projects involving LST and retrieval of Precipitable Water Vapour using GNSS. Growing interest in machine learning techniques.
  2. Research Grant (PostDoc) University of Lisbon, Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL), Lisbon (Portugal). Contribution to the participation of the EC-Earth simulations on the CMIP5 model intercomparison.
  3. Jan 2012-Mar 2012 – Visiting Researcher at the Meteorological Institute of Stockholm University (MISU) / Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm (Sweden). Evaluation of climate simulations using the EC-Earth model in terms of boundary layer heights, comparing climatologies of that parameter against data from Atmospheric Infrared Sounder.
  4. 2008 – 2011: PhD Studentship Centro de Geofísica da Universidade de Lisboa / Instituto D. Luiz and Joint Institute for Regional Earth System Science and Engineering – JPL/UCLA (Los Angeles, USA) – Modelling and parameterization of Boundary Layer Interaction with Deep Convection and Orography.
  5. October 2007 till December 2007: Fellowship (VAST Project) Centro de Geofísica da Universidade de Lisboa / Instituto D. Luiz – Storm-tracking and vertical structure of North Atlantic Cyclones.
  6. October 2006 till September 2007: Fellowship (BOSS Project) Centro de Geofísica da Universidade de Lisboa / Instituto D. Luiz – On the impact of vertical wind shear on surface gravity wave drag and on the gravity wave torque.
  7. May 2006 till September 2006 – Fellowship (Projecto EPREV) Centro de Geofísica da Universidade de Lisboa / ICAT – Using MM5 to estimate mesoscale winds on some selected windfarms.
  8. September 2005 till January 2006 – Exhibition monitor “À Luz de Einstein 1905-2005” Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian


  1. 2007 – Prémio Gulbenkian de Estímulo à Investigação – Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian 
  2. 2005 – Bolsa de Mérito – Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
  3. 2002 – Menção Honrosa (alunos do 1º ano com as melhores classificações) – Fundação da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
  4. 2001 – Melhor Aluno finalista da Escola Secundária Poeta António Aleixo (Portimão) – Rotary Clube de Portimão

Participation in Projects

▪ “SOLAR” – Earth System Modelling of the Eastern Atlantic Region (PTDC/GEO-MET/7078/2014) funded by FCT.
▪ “WACMOS-ET” – advancing in the production of evapotranspiration from satellite observations. (EOP-SA/0180/DFP-dfp) (Funded by ESA)
▪ “LSA-SAF” – Satellite Application Facility on Land Surface Analysis (Funded by EUMETSAT).
▪ “NUVEM” – New methods to use GNSS-PWV operationally by the Portuguese meteorological service (EXPL/GEO-MET/0413/2013) (Funded by FCT)
▪ “SHARE” – High-resolution modelling of ocean-atmosphere coupled systems (RECI/GEOMET/0380/2012) (Funded by FCT)
▪ “SMOG” – Convective systems structure in high resolution simulations and GNSS observations(PTDC/CTE-ATM/119922/2010). (Funded by FCT)
▪ “REWRITE” – Cloud distribution and water balance at the regional level in a changing climate(PTDC/CLI/73814/2006) (Funded by FCT)
▪ “BOSS” (POCTI/CTE-ATM/58932/2004) – Boundary layer processes and sub-grid scale parameterizations in NWP (Funded by FCT)
▪ “EPREV” – Forecast system for wind energy production (Funded by the EPREV consortium)

Outreach activities

  1. April 2009 – Participation on the event “Os Dias do Desenvolvimento” with the project “Planeta Mágico” developed by Luis Matias. Event was organized by the  Instituto Português de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento, I.P. (Centro de Congressos de Lisboa)
  2. March 2009 – Seminar at Escola Secundária Poeta António Aleixo, Portimão about my activities as a graduate student. The goal was to promote scientific research on climate related areas