Assistant Professor, Ph.D at University of Lisbon 2012

Coordinator of the “Continental Margins and the Deep Ocean Frontier” Group at Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL), Lisbon, Portugal

Coordinator of the Earthsystems Doctoral School at IDL

Geology Department, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon

Adjunct Research Fellow, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Emails:; (Contact: 00351 934 304 714)

Research Interests: Tectonics, Geodynamics, Marine Geology, Analogue Modelling

ResearcherID: J-8695-2012
Scopus Author ID: 56276154000


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[7] Arne Richter Award 2017 for Outstanding Early Career Scientists of the European Geosciences Union (EGU)

[6] Discovery Early Career Researcher Award 2015 (DECRA) from the Australian Research Council (AUD$ 338,266.00).

[5] IPGP Foreign Student Award 2011 for outstanding PhD research (from the Institute de Physique du Globe de Paris).

[5] Geomod2010 best poster award. International Meeting of the Geomod community in Lisbon in 2010;

[3] PhD grant from the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT) 2007-2011.

[2] Initiation to Research Grant in the LATTEX (Tectonophysics laboratory at FCUL): April to December of 2005;

[1] Grant to Communicate Science in secondary schools from the Faculty of Sciences of the Lisbon University: February to July of 2004.