PhD title: Is the Earth currently in a global tidal maximum? 500 Ma of coupled tectonic and tidal modelling

Supervisors: Joao Duarte (, Mattias Green (


University of Lisbon: 1/Apr/2017 – present – PhD Geology
Bangor University: 1/Sep/2015 – 16/Sep/2016 – MSc in Applied Marine Goescience
Bangor University: 1/Oct/2012 – 15/Jun/2015 – BSc In Marine Biology and Oceanography


Davies, H.S., Green, J.A.M., and Duarte, J.C. (2018). Back to the Future: Testing different scenarios for the next supercontinent gathering. Global and planetary change. DOI:

Green, J.A.M., Molloy, J.L., Davies, H.S., and Duarte, J.C. (2018) Is there a tectonically driven super-tidal cycle. Geophysical research lettersDOI:  10.1002/2017gl076695