Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD in Biology


Department of Geology
Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa
Campo Grande, Edf. C6, Piso 3

Reseach Interest

Diatoms, palaeolimnology, limnological processes, coastal lagoons, species ecology, environmental change, ecological indicators, conservation and management.

Main Publications (last 5 years)

Riato, L., Leira, M., Della Bella, V., & Oberholster, P. J. (2018). Development of a diatom-based multimetric index for acid mine drainage impacted depressional wetlands. Science of The Total Environment 612: 214-222.

Riato, L., Leira, M., Della Bella, V., & Oberholster, P. J. (2017). Diatom-based models for inferring water chemistry and hydrology in temporary depressional wetlands. Hydrobiologia 797(1): 127-143.

Riato, L., Della Bella, V., Leira, M., Taylor, J. C., & Oberholster, P. J. (2017). A diatom functional-based approach to assess changing environmental conditions in temporary depressional wetlands. Ecological Indicators 78: 205-213.

Carballeira, R., Trobajo, R., Leira, M., Benito, X., Sato, S., & Mann, D. G. (2017). A combined morphological and molecular approach to Nitzschia varelae sp. nov., with discussion of symmetry in Bacillariaceae. European Journal of Phycology 1-18.

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Cantonati C., Leira M., Angeli N. & López Rodríguez C. (2012) Naviculadicta langebertalotii sp. nov. (Bacillariophyta) from streams in Galicia (NW Spain). Nova Hedwigia 141: 71-80

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