E-mail: acravinhosantos@gmail.com

Scientific Interests: Metallogeny, Ore-forming processes and geodynamics, Mineral exploration, Geochemistry, Petrogenesis, Geochronology, Mineralogy.


PhD project: Relating petrogenesis and duration of magmatism with mineralizations in the Neves-Corvo VMS deposit (Iberian Pyrite Belt)

Supervisors: Jorge Relvas and Rita Solá

Previous Education

2015/2017: MSc in Economic Geology, specialization in Mineral Exploration – Faculty of Sciences, Lisbon University

 2011/2015: BSc in Geology, branch of Geology and Natural Resources – Faculty of Sciences, Lisbon University


Conference Proceedings

Cravinho, A., Jesus, A.P., Mateus, A., Barros, B., Figueiras, J., Benoit, M., Pracejus, B., 2017, Trace Element variations in volcanic rocks of the Mandoos VMS Deposit (Samail Ophiolite, Oman). 2017 Goldschmidt Conference, Paris (France).


Msc Thesis: Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the hydrothermal alteration haloes related to the Mandoos Massive Sulphide (VMS) deposit, Sumail Ophiolite, Oman

Professional Experience

Dec., 2016-June, 2017: Monitor: Teaching Assistant in the Practical course of Mineral Deposits and Environmental Impact (3th year) @ Geology Dept. Faculty of Sciences, Lisbon University, Portugal.

March, 2016-June, 2016: Intern: Teaching Assistant in the Practical courses of Microscopy (2nd year) and Mineralogy and Laboratory Methods (1st year) @ German University of Techonology, Oman.

Membership in Professional Societies

  • Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA)
  • International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits (IAGOD)
  • European Association of Geochemistry (EAG)