The PVCITY project – Solar potential in urban environment is a project started in 2014 and developed by researchers of the Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) with funding of the FCT. The main objective of the project is the production of tools to estimate the solar potential of city’s buildings, including roofs and facades. For three years, some tools used to estimate the solar potential of buildings were tested. These works resulted in a calculation program termed SOL that estimates the solar potential by m2 in an urban area, including the soil, roofs and facades. The data obtained by this program are then exported to an online platform for interactive 3D visualization of the buildings (and their elements) of Lisbon with information on radiation values ​​and solar potential.

This project was led by the researcher Miguel Brito, with other researchers and collaborators of the IDL, Cristina Catita, Marta Panão, Paula Redweik, Sara FreitasDavid Pêra, and Miguel Santos as team members.

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