Paleowire is not strictly a scientific news page neither a specialized blog or an electronic magazine. Paleowire aims to be a network of resources built, managed and maintained by paleontology-related academics, students, professionals, and enthusiasts, worldwide. In this sense, Paleowire is more of an academic, a pedagogic and a scientific outreach platform.
The project was born at the Instituto Dom Luiz of the University of Lisbon, Portugal, a top research center with an excess of 160 years of existence, dedicated to the study of Earth Sciences, including paleontologists and post-graduate Paleontology students.


You noticed we are not specialized in any particular field of Paleontology and we do not wish to treat any field of Paleontology as detached from any other. Nature is whole, and Paleontology is, in a theoretical and practical sense, essentially the same type of activity indistinctly of the biological group of interest.

Paleontology, we believe, as a hybrid scientific field, only has to gain (in projection, notoriety, and lobbying capacity) from a transverse identity and cooperation capable of bringing together every specialization. So, in Paleowire you can “jump” from dinosaurs to marine plankton on a blink of a click, naturally.

The project has the following main objectives:

  • To provide a centralized place where paleontology-related useful pieces of information can be organized, calendarize and publicized (work opportunities, prizes, scholarships, funding opportunities, calls for papers, event dates and so on);
  • To interpret and publicize the latest relevant research in all fields of Paleontology, as a way to provide detailed information on new methods, techniques, and theoretical approaches;
  • To organize in a single space the available information on classical and new paleontological materials, resources, methods, techniques, and instruments;
  • To provide paleontology-related events and initiatives with free advertising space with worldwide specialized impact;
  • To create and publicize pedagogical materials for students and scientific divulgation resources to professionals and the general public;
  •  To strengthen the international and inter-field sense of community amongst paleontologists, with diverse contact opportunities and through the monthly presentation of paleontologists, laboratories, research groups, and projects, in a continuous world tour of day-by-day paleontology.
  • To promote the continuous discussion of Paleontology as a scientific discipline, as a field of research, as a profession and has a hobby

With the launching of Paleowire, we are also launching an international invitation. Academics, researchers, students, technicians and enthusiasts worldwide are invited to join our network by:

  • Sending recent research and all types of useful information to publicize (click here to know more);
  • Suggesting paleontologists, work groups, laboratories and projects to be featured in Paleowire (send us an e-mail or drop us a line in one of the numerous contact forms scattered throughout the website);
  • Authoring articles as a regular or occasional contributor (click here to know more);
  • Partnering with us (as an institution), supporting Paleowire as a co-joint academic/ professional project (click here to know more).
  • And of course… Please help us make Paleowire known in the paleontological community – the main addressees of our work – by sharing our webpage and resources!

This project is yours and counts on your contribution!

We welcome you aboard! …stay paleowired!

The Paleowire Team