The Energy Transition group has a dedicated laboratory for low cost production of silicon substrates for PV applications as well as the fabrication sequence of test silicon solar cells. The group interests focus on advanced laser processing of energy materials, including thin film metals and semiconducting absorbers for solar cells. Our researchers are also interested in measuring thermal characteristics during processing, fundamentals behind recombination mechanisms in solar absorbers, light management in textured/passivated surfaces and performance degradation of devices. For this, our unique characterization laboratories include luminescence techniques, lifetime testers, solar simulator, I-V tracer and high spatial resolution thermal imaging setups.

Image (left): Experimental setup for laser processing of energy materials under controlled atmospheres.
Image (middle): Photo and Electroluminescence imaging apparatus for defects inspection in solar absorbers.
Image (right): Cleanroom with dedicated facilities for thermal annealing, doping and coating of thin films

Contact Person

PV technology development: João Serra |