The research of the Marine Geology and Geophysics group focuses on geological processes in marine basins, their relationship with the formation of mineral and energy resources, and the triggering of natural hazards. The research group gathers geophysicists and geologists with expertise in geodynamic processes, margin and basin research, and marine mineral resources. The research includes a variety of disciplines and techniques, such as marine geophysics, tectonics and geodynamics, structural geology, sedimentology, petrology, space geodesy and numerical and physical modelling. The group defined a set of regional targets, as a function of their scientific and societal interest or on-going cooperation with the private sector. Most of them are tackled as natural laboratories for the study of marine geo-processes with global relevance.

Scientific Highlights 2015

Azores-Gibraltar Plate Boundary and Mid-Atlantic Ridge
A significant part of the research of the group focuses on the Azores-Gibraltar Plate Boundary, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Azores plateau comprehending mainly i) study of submarine massive sulphides, ii) evolution of island shelves, iii) structure of the oceanic lithosphere across the Gloria Fault, iv) recurrence of tsunamis generated by landslides and tectonics, v) neotectonics and vi) lithosphere–mantle interaction.
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[2015] reported the discovery of deep mud volcanoes in the Gulf of Cadiz during an international scientific cruise onboard the Research Vessel Meteor. These mud volcanoes, contrary to the ones previously identified in the area, are located out of the accretionary wedge and along major strike-slip faults (the SWIM faults) that mark the plate boundary between the African and Eurasian plates. The mud volcanoes are associated with the migration and extrusion of fluids (such as water and hydrocarbons).


A) Tectonic and bathymetric map of the SW Iberia offshore. Seismicity data (gray dots) are from the NEAREST (Integrated Observation from Near Shore Sources of Tsunami) project deployment. Black and red dots are mud volcanoes. The red dots are newly discovered mud volcanoes. B) Detail of a high-resolution sidescan sonar image of the Michael Ivanov mud volcano.

Capacities for seafloor exploration
The acquisition in 2015 by IPMA (Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere) of a 75 meter long oceanic vessel “Mar Portugal” opened a new phase of exploration of the ocean to the Portuguese scientific community including IDL researchers. The ship is equipped with very high-resolution seismic reflection system, a multibeam echo sounder and a video system to operate on the continental shelf and the upper slope. These acoustic systems produce very high resolution imaging of the seafloor and substrate and can be operated using both oceanic and small vessels, thus allowing for the study of very shallow submarine, estuary or freshwater systems for a variety of scientific goals and using low cost ships. Successful trials have been carried out in 2015 for habitat mapping, shallow sedimentary dynamics, neotectonics and Paleozoic and Mesozoic imaging of geologic structures on a sediment starved shelf.


Multibeam survey, with an RESON T50-P echo-sounder, carried out in the Olhão spit (Farol Island). The grid has a resolution of 0.5 meters.


Afonso Loureiro

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Ágata Alveirinho Dias

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Alessandro Righetti

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Ana Cristina Roque

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André Santos

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Andreia Pereira

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Carlos de Carvalho

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Carlos Rosa

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Fernando Barriga

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Filipe M. Rosas

Senior Researcher

H. Davies

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Isabel Amaral Costa


Jaime Almeida

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João Carvalho

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João Duarte

FCT Researcher

João Lourenço

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João Palma

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João Ramos

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Joaquim Luís

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Jorge Miguel Miranda

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Jorge Relvas

Senior Researcher
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Luis Batista

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Luís Matias

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Machiel Simon Bos

Postdoctoral Researcher

Manuel Teixeira

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Maria Ana Baptista

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Maria Conceição Neves

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Maria Inês Cruz

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Marta Neres

Postdoctoral Researcher

Martin Wronna

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Pedro Silva

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Pedro Terrinha

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Rachid Omira

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Rui Fernandes

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Rui Quartau

FCT Researcher

Sofia Martins

Postdoctoral Researcher

Sónia Silva

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Vânia Lima

PhD Student

Vítor Magalhães

Senior Researcher


INGV, Italy
Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, Portugal
Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera, Portugal
Monash University, Australia
Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal
Universidade de Macau
, Macau
University of Bergen, Norway



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