The research of the Continental margins and the deep ocean frontier group focuses on geological processes in marine basins, their relationship with the formation of mineral and energy resources, and the triggering of natural hazards. The research group gathers geophysicists and geologists with expertise in geodynamic processes, margin and basin research, and marine mineral resources. The research includes a variety of disciplines and techniques, such as marine geophysics, tectonics and geodynamics, structural geology, sedimentology, petrology, space geodesy and numerical and physical modelling. The group defined a set of regional targets, as a function of their scientific and societal interest or on-going cooperation with the private sector. Most of them are tackled as natural laboratories for the study of marine geo-processes with global relevance.

Group Leader


PhD Students

External Collaborator

  • Ágata Alveirinho Dias

  • Carlos Rosa

  • Filipa Marques

  • Isabel Amaral da Costa

  • Pedro Brito

  • Ruben Santos