The Solid Earth dynamics, hazards and resources research group investigates the composition, structure, dynamics, and evolution of the solid Earth, from the deep mantle up to the surface, and with implications for resources and hazards. Our research gives a particular emphasis on the processes that shape ocean island volcanoes, continents and orogenic belts, and continental margins. Our goal is to provide a solid knowledge foundation to better tackle critical challenges such as those posed by: [1] Earthquakes and volcanism, with research covering from the fundamental investigation of seismogenesis and volcanogenesis to the development of innovative monitoring techniques; [2] Mineral and hydrocarbon resources, from understanding their genesis to develop their sustainable exploration and exploitation; [3] Global and climate change, using the geological past as the key to the understand present and future trends; and [4] our scientific understanding of the fundamentals of our planet’s geodynamics, as the knowledge base of all Earth System science. To achieve this, we employ multidisciplinary approaches that combine geological and geophysical field, experimental, laboratorial, and numerical work, solidly anchored in international collaborations. Particular attention is given to the privileged natural laboratory of the Atlantic Region, with its numerous volcanic archipelagos, different types of margin, and challenging continental surroundings.

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  • Ana Jesus

  • Ana Rita Hipólito

  • André Sá

  • António Magalhães

  • Carla Kulberg

  • Cyntia Mourão

  • Dina Vales

  • Fernando Carrilho

  • Inês Pereira

  • Jorge Figueiras

  • Luis Matias

  • Luís Miguel Gaspar

  • Maria Inês do Rio

  • Mohamed K. Bensalah

  • Moulay A. Boumehdi

  • Nasrrddine Youbi

  • Pedro C. dos Reis

  • Ricardo Pereira

  • Rui Costa Cardoso

  • Vera Assis Fernandes