The Earth Surface Processes group investigates coastal Natural Hazards, Climate Change at different time-scales and hydrological Resources. The group measures, monitors and models external geodynamics from source to sink, at the interface biosphere-lithosphere-hydrosphere using expertise in coastal processes, geomorphology, engineering geology, hydrogeology, paleontology, sedimentology, remote sensing/geospatial information.

Group Leader


Post-Doc Researchers

PhD Students

External Collaborator

  • Ana Mafalda Carapuço

  • Ana Pestana Bastos

  • Anabela Cruces

  • Áurea Narciso

  • Carlos Antunes

  • Carlos Neto Carvalho

  • Catarina Guerreiro

  • Celso Pinto

  • Hélder Chaminé

  • João Carlos Nunes

  • João Moreno

  • Mónica Ribeiro

  • Pedro Pereira

  • Sandra Moreira

  • Sofia Pereira

  • Tanya Mendes Silveira

  • Vera Lopes