The Climate change, atmosphere-land-ocean processes and extremes group focuses on the different components of the Atmosphere and Ocean, namely on dynamical processes of the atmosphere and ocean and their interactions, as well as climate change and variability.  Emphasis on coupled dynamics and inter-annual scales in the North Atlantic Basin and in Eastern Boundary systems is given within the group’s research. Moreover, weather driven hazards and paleoclimatology are also important lines of research. Applied research is also carried out, mainly on the following topics: ocean margin processes, renewable energy, climate services and remote sensing.  The group also largely contributes to regional and global climate studies, and Earth-System model development, participating in various international initiatives.

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  • Alvaro Milho Semedo

  • Armand Hernandez Hernandez

  • Fátima Espírito-Santo

  • Patrícia Páscoa

  • Patrícia Silva

  • Manuel Mendes