Research Group: RG3 – Solid Earth dynamics, hazards and resources
Job: PhD Student
Extension: 26461
Room: 6.4.61
Academic Degree and field of specialization:

PhD project (since 2016): “Multi-elemental and isotope geochemistry of metapelites from the Volcano-Sedimentary Complex (Iberian Pyrite Belt, Portugal): unravelling fingerprints of different sources, sedimentary environments and exhalative-hydrothermal activity”; 

Supervisor: António Mateus (Full Professor)

Motivation: Most of the time Mineral Exploration use geological mapping, drill holes and geophysical methods to find new mineral deposits, but I consider fundamental  that mineral exploration should always comprehend microanalytical studies and whole rock composition studies to improve knowledge and define the precise geochemical processes that can be control the genesis of economic mineralization. Therefore, my study intend to contribute towards the development of new exploration guidelines.