The Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) has just won two Marie Skłodowska-Curie scholarships. One was attributed to Dr. Ana Jesus to investigate the flow of sulfur and metals in the hydrothermal alteration processes of the oceanic crust, using the Oman ophiolite as a case study. The work will take place at IDL / Departamento de Geologia, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (FCUL) in collaboration with Dr. Mário Abel (Assistant Professor at FCUL and Researcher at IDL), with stays at the WWU Munster University and Géosciences Environment Toulouse. The other scholarship was awarded to Patrícia Cadenas, who will work on the reactivation of passive margins and the start of subduction, using the Iberian and Terra Nova margins as case studies. The work will take place between the IDL / Departmento de Geologia and the Memorial University of Terra Nova, in collaboration with Dr. João Duarte (Assistant Professor at FCUL and Researcher at IDL). Welcome to the new researchers, winners of one of the most competitive international competitions.