During the 1st IDL Annual Conference prizes were awarded to the best PhD dissertations presented in 2018 by students of the Faculdade de Ciência da Universidade de Lisboa (FCUL) / Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL). The winning dissertations were those of Sofia Ermida entitled “Harmonization of Remote Sensing Land Surface Products: correction of clear sky bias and characterization of directional effects”, that won the first prize and two second prizes were awarded to Sara Freitas and Nuno Martins for the dissertations entitled “Photovoltaic Potential in Building Façades” e “Impact of Fine Particle Pollution on the Natural Ventilation Potential of Commercial Buildings” respectively. Two Travel Awards 2019 were also delivered to Daniela Lima and Riccardo Hénin, students of Geophysical and Geoinformation Sciences.

See the interview about these prizes with Nuno Martins here, Riccardo Hénin here, and Sofia Ermida here.

(Foto from right to left: Sofia Ermida, Sara Freitas, Nuno Martins, and Daniela Lima)