The Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) participated in the VIII International Symposium about Dinosaurs Palaeontology and their Environment that took place in Salas de los Infantes (Burgos, Spain) from 5th to 7th September 2019. This meeting is the only international scientific monographic congress about dinosaurs that is celebrated periodically in the Iberian Peninsula. Members of the IDL presented their researches on the fossil record of Iberian dinosaurs in this 8th edition of the symposium. Vanda Faria dos Santos presented two posters about studies developed in two sites with dinosaur footprints from the Middle Jurassic of Portugal, the Pedreira do Galinha, in Ourém and a new fossil site recently discovered in Outão (Setúbal). One of the guest speakers of this edition was Elisabete Malafaia, with a presentation on the fossil record of theropod dinosaurs from the Upper Jurassic of Portugal and their implications for the paleoecological and paleobiogeographic interpretation of these faunas. Finally, Pedro Mocho gave a presentation on the record of titanosaurian sauropod dinosaurs from the Iberian Peninsula and participated in other works related to the ichnological record, morphological and morphofunctional analyses of sauropod dinosaurs from the Middle Jurassic of Portugal and Upper Cretaceous of Spain.

Abstracts book available here.