The RELICT Magellan Plus workshop took place the last September 12 and 13 at the Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA). The aim of RELICT was to discuss the rationale to submit an IODP multiple drill proposal to retrieve cores across the continental Moho in the SW Iberia rifted Margin, the Ocean-Continent Transition (OCT) and the Africa-Eurasia transform subduction plate boundary in the Atlantic. The workshop was a timely fit with the JOIDES Resolution’s timeline (drilling in 2023-2024 in the North Atlantic) and offered the possibility to tackle fundamental questions such as the nature of the lithospheric mantle in hyper-extended continental margins and OCT, and subduction initiation at transform faults. It was organized by the researchers of the Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) Pedro Terrinha, Marta Neres, and Vitor Magalhães. Other members of the IDL participated in the workshop with several oral and poster presentations. João Duarte was one of the invited speakers and gave a talk on “Delamination of oceanic lithosphere: a key for subduction initiation?”. Rachid Omira gave an oral presentation entitled “Tsunami hazard in Southwest Iberia”. Some other works developed by researchers of the IDL, including Jaime Almeida, Ricardo Pereira, Joao Duarte, Filipe Rosas, and Pedro Terrinha were presented in poster format.

See the ECORD Newsletter #33 with information about the workshop here.