The laboratory features basic infrastructures for paleomagnetic, rock magnetic and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility studies. In this laboratory, investigation of the behaviour of the Earth’s magnetic field, rock formation and deformational processes linked to tectonics, as well as, paleogeography and paleoenvironment is performed.


Image (left): Magnetometer JR6 (Agico)
Image (right): LDA-3A (AGICO) AF demagnetizer and ARM magnetizer


Image (left): IRM Impulse IM-30 (ASC Scientific)
Image (right): MFK1 kappabridge (AGICO) susceptometer


Home-build shielded magnetic furnace (maximum T~900ºC)

Contact Persons

Eric Font |
Mário Moreira |


FCUL, Building C1, Room 1.1.26