The Continents, Islands and Mantle group focuses on solid Earth geodynamics, with emphasis on ocean islands, continents and continental margin processes. The group investigates mantle, crustal and surface processes, with the goal of tackling critical challenges: 1) Earthquake and volcanism, from the fundamental investigation of seismogenesis and volcanogenesis to the development of innovative monitoring techniques; 2) Mineral and hydrocarbon resources, from understanding their genesis to their exploration and exploitation; 3) Understanding past environments, climates, and their evolution based on the geological record. In order to build a solid knowledge foundation that allows us to better tackle these challenges, we undertake research on the composition, structure and dynamics of the crust and mantle in different tectonic settings. Particular attention is given to the privileged natural laboratory of the Atlantic basin, with its volcanic islands, margins, and continental surroundings.

Group Leaders: Susana Custódio and João Mata

Scientific Highlights 2016

Sub-horizontal lodes of Panasqueira preserving evidence of dynamic coalescence and multiple opening, cross-cutting an early generation of sub-vertical veins.

Systems forming W, Nb, Ta and Li deposits in the European Variscan Belt
Recently, several advances have been made under the scope of the NewOreS project (ERA-MIN/0001/2014) aiming, in particular, new genetic models and exploration guides to W-Sn (Nb-Ta-Li) ores. The completion of an extensive sampling has allowed to study in great detail the mineral assemblages forming the Panasqueira lodes [Mateus et al., 2016; Martins et al., 2017]. It is now clear that the main ore stages involved multiple recurrence of various mineral phases, indicating a cyclic development of suitable conditions for their growth, conceivably related to events of magmatic-hydrothermal rejuvenation that did not affected uniformly the lode system and provided some significant chemical inputs. These data justify the use of multi-elemental indexes in the characterization of lithogeochemical anomalies, whose assessment (supported in multifractal models and singularity mapping [Gonçalves et al., 2017]) indicated additional anomalous domains that can potentially increase the resource estimation, extending the mine’s life-span.





Wide-angle velocity models (b-e) across the transitional domain, Santos Basin (in Loureiro et al., 2016). Location and gravimetric anomalies (a). Velocity-depth profiles and global averages of continental and oceanic crust (f-g).

structure of continental margins and transitional domains
The continental margins researchers of IFREMER, IDL, ISEL, UBO and partners, have been conducting research projects in collaboration with the oil industry, for the acquisition, processing and modelling of wide-angle seismic (Sanba, Magic, Salsa, Moz3-5). In 2016 the Salsa’s final report [Aslanian et al., 2016] was concluded, 21 communications were presented (A.Loureiro award winner at SEISMIX) and the Moz3-5 seismic acquisition was carried out. The results of the Sanba acquisition (2010, Santos Basin, Brazil) showed that the crust nature in the transitional domain varies in distances of less than 100 km: extremely thinned continental crust in the SW and atypical oceanic crust overlying altered mantle or reworked continental crust (exhumation and/or magmatism) in NE [Evain et al., 2015]. In order to determine the influence of the intrinsic uncertainty of velocity models in lithologic interpretation, an uncertainty calculation tool was developed [Loureiro et al., 2016], which allowed to confirm the previous interpretation. The Vmontecarlo code is open and available on the web [Vmontecarlo v3.8].




Alexandra Afilhado

Senior Researcher

Ana Cristina Azerêdo

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António Brum da Silveira

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António Mateus

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António Ribeiro

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Carlos Corela

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Carlos Ruela Nogueira

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Catarina Matos

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Chiara Civiero

Postdoctoral Researcher

Eric Font

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Ezequiel Ferreira

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Fabiano Mota da Silva

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Fernando A. Monteiro Santos

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Filipa Luz

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Francisco Fatela

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Francisco José Martínez Moreno

Postdoctoral Researcher

Graça Silveira

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Henrique Vicêncio

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Ícaro F. Dias da Silva

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Joana Carvalho

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Joana Ferreira

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Joana Ribeiro

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João Cabral

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João Mata

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João Moreno

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Jorge Ponte

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José Brandão Silva

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José Madeira

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Juan Pinzón

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Manuel Francisco Pereira

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Maria Cristina Cabral

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Mário Abel Gonçalves

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Mário Moreira

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Nuno Afonso Dias

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Nuno Pimentel

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Paula Teves Costa

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Ricardo Ramalho

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Ricardo Ressurreição

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Stéphanie Dumont

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Susana Custódio

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Telmo Bento dos Santos

Senior Researcher

Vincent Strak

Postdoctoral Researcher


Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies, Ireland
GFZ, Postdam, Germany
Institute for Geophysics, University of Münster, Germany
Instituto de Geociências, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
Instituto Jaume Almera, Barcelona, Spain
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, New York, USA
School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, UK
S. Diego State University, California, USA
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Universidad de La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain
Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
Universidade da Madeira, Portugal
Universidade de Évora, Portugal
Universidade dos Açores, Portugal
Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal



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