Annaes IDL (SIGN)

Digitalization of the meteorological data (1856 – 1917) contained in the annales of IDL . The data is available to a large potential community of users and can be used to study the changes that have taken place in the historical records during the past years. SIGN >>


Mapas e Dados Meteorológicos e Florestais – MDMF

Web platform to access various services regarding weather variables, fires and controlled fire for Continental Portugal. The MDMF provides tools developed by the IDLcc group, accessible to end users (internal and external).

At this point the following activities are allowed to users:

  1. numerical access to a database with index values of meteorological fire danger and weather variables;
  2. viewing and interacting with maps of fire danger variables;
  3. historical view of maps of fire danger variables;
  4. viewing and interacting with maps of burnt eucalyptus trees, pine forest and shrub.

At this stage all the products are available to Mainland Portugal for five (5) days before the day of preview, the preview day and the two (2) days ahead.


European Reanalysis of Global Climate Observations 2 – ERACLIM2

ERA-CLIM2 (2014-2017) FP7 607029, ECMWF coordination, is building a new 20th century global reanalysis. IDL is recovering its meteorological archive from 1854, including the Lisbon IDL station and others in Mainland Portugal, Madeira, Azores and former colonies. Datasets are being digitised, formatted and quality controlled. IDL also supplies digitised data for Chile (surface, maritime – 1950-1958), and early Spanish upper air data (1912-1916). A Metadata Global Registry is in development, aiming to include sources of historical data that can be used in future historical reanalyses.

Global in-situ data rescue activities being conducted in ERA-CLIM2

ERA-CLIM2’s Metadata Global Registry – a website maintained by IDL with inventories of historical surface, upper air and maritime data being recovered in ERA-CLIM2 and other ACRE (Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth) related initiatives. It allows crossed searches by station name, country, periods and location visualization on Googlemaps. In development.


COST Action VALUE – Validating and Integrating Downscaling Methods for Climate Change Research

The COST Action VALUE provides a European network to validate and develop downscaling methods and improve the collaboration between the dispersed research communities and with stakeholders. The Action systematically compares the different downscaling approaches and assess the aspects listed above. VALUE delivers an assessment of end-user needs, a benchmark data set and pseudo reality for the validation, a set of validation measures, the validation of state-of-the-art methods and guidelines for stakeholders.