2018-2021: IMPECAF – Impacts of Extreme Climatic Events on the Agricultural and Forestry Systems: Development of Risk Analysis Models, FCT, Ana Russo (PI)
2018-2021: WEX ATLANTIC – Meteorological Extremes in the Euro Atlantic Region: Evaluation and Impacts, FCT, Margarida Liberato (PI)
2018-2021: HOLMDRIVE – North Atlantic Atmospheric Patterns influence on Western Iberia Climate: From the Lateglacial to the Present, FCT, Alexandre Ramos (PI)
2018-2021: CONTROL – Use of Earth Observations to Model the Surface – Atmosphere Interaction, FCT, Emanuel Dutra (PI)
2018-2021: LEADING – Soil Use Changes and Global Warming Mitigation, FCT, Rita Cardoso (PI)
2018-2021: BeSafeSlide – Prototype of a Low-cost Alert System of Landslide to Improve Community Resilience and Adapt to Environmental Changes, FCT, Ricardo Trigo *
2018-2021: Discover Azores, Ricardo Trigo *
2018-2021: FAST – Development of New Meteo-Tsunami Forecasting Skills on the Iberian Platform, FCT, Pedro Viterbo (PI)
2018-2021: EMSO – European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and Water Column Observatory – Portugal, FCT, Luís Matias (PI)
2018-2021: Carniege Mellon Univiversity Project, FCT, Margarida Liberato*
2018-2020: Global Rivers Routing, ECMWF, Emanuel Dutra (PI)
2017-2021: Exploratory, FCT, Emanuel Dutra (PI)
2016 – 2019: PIEZAGRO – Vulnerability Risk Assessment for the Agroforestry Sector in South Portugal Under Climate Change: Impact of the Evolution of the Piezometric Level, FCT/PTDC, Cathy Kurz-Besson (PI)
2016 – 2019: BrFLAS – Sistema Brasileiro Fogo-Superfície-Atmosfera, FCT/FAPESP, Carlos da Câmara (PI)
2016 – 2019: IMDROFLOOD – Improving Drought and Flood Early Warning, Forecasting and Mitigation Using Real-time Hydroclimatic Indicators, EU, Ricardo Trigo (PI)
2016 – 2019: FORLAND – Disastrous Floods and Landslides in Portugal: Driving Forces and Applications for Land Use Planning, FCT/PTDC, Ricardo Trigo (PI)

* Responsible Researcher in IDL (Collaboration/Task Leader)