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The IDL at the Devonian Tides Meeting

Researcher of the Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL), Joao Moedas Duarte and Hannah Davies, participated in the Devonian Tides Meeting that took place in Uppsala between 21 and 23 August 2019. The theme of the meeting was the relationship between tectonics, tides, climate and the evolution of life from the Snowball period (~ 760-580 million years) [...]

IDL at the IV Curso de Inverno of the Observatório Sismológigo- Universidade de Brasília

The Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) was present at the IV Curso de Inverno of the Observatório Sismológico of the Universidade de Brasília with the researcher João Moedas Duarte. This course took place from August 12 to 16, 2019 and Joao Duarte gave a short course on “Dynamics of Plate Tectonics and Natural Disasters” and the [...]

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Researchers of the IDL in the VI Encontro Internacional da Casa das Ciências

  The VI Encontro Internacional da Casa das Ciências took place between 10 and 12 July 2019 in the campus of the University of Lisbon and joined about 1000 teachers from elementary and secondary schools. This is the largest accredited formation event in the area of science teaching held in Portugal and had more than [...]

Cape Town ‘Day Zero’ water crisis due to migrating moisture corridor…/ Reportagem sobre um artigo feito pela equipa do IDL liderado pelo Investigador Pedro Sousa da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa. Diz Sousa. “Estou confiante de que lições como a que aprendemos com a crise de água do Dia Zero resultarão em mais consciencialização e melhor gestão dos recursos hídricos, a fim de evitar futuros episódios [...]

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PhinallyDone – PhD Survival Guide (Andreia Pereira) Andreia Pereira just returned from her “PhD trip”, which started back in 2014. We asked her to build a PhD survival guide, which can help others who wish to embark on the same journey. When to go? Whenever you feel you need to learn new techniques and develop your skills to become a better [...]

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Guess Who? – Dorota Szalaj and Riccardo Hénin

Dorota Szalaj is a marine scientist and Riccardo Hénin an atmospheric physicist. They both started the Earthsystems PhD Program in 2016. They choose the words “interdisciplinarity” and “challenging” to describe the Program they enrolled in. They are  the “Guess Who” interviewees of this month. IDL - Dorota and Riccardo, you have different scientific backgrounds, but you both [...]

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