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IDL at the National Meeting on Climate Change Research

During two days, 17th and 18th February, took place at the Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (FCUL) the Encontro Nacional sobre Investigação em Alterações Climáticas (National Meeting on Climate Change Research). This meeting aimed to bring together the excellence of research on climate change produced by national research units, as well as to [...]

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IDL at “Descobre ULisboa”

The "Descobre ULisboa" is an interactive exhibition that took place on 28th and 29th January 2020 at the Rectory of the University of Lisbon. This exhibition was organized by the different Schools of the Universidade de Lisboa intended mainly for students of basic and secondary education to help them to choose their professional careers. The [...]

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National Climate Change Research Meeting

Portugal, and Lisbon in particular, is a region climatically determined by the strong influence of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and is considered to be one of the most vulnerable to Climate Change. Global warming is the biggest challenge facing humanity in these coming decades, from global to local scale. One of the main ambitions [...]

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The Exceptional Iberian Heatwave of Summer 2018

A Special Report, entitled "Explaining Extreme Events in 2018 from a Climate Perspective", was recently published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, including a work on extreme events recorded in the summer of 2018 in the Iberian Peninsula. The researchers of Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) Pedro Sousa, Ricardo Trigo, and Alexandre Ramos participated [...]

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New paper by members of IDL in the Earth-Science Reviews

A paper has been recently published in the journal Earth-Science Reviews on recent progress on the sources of continental precipitation developed by moisture transport analysis. This paper with the participation of the members of the Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) Marta Vázquez Institute, Rogert Sorí, Milica Stojanovic, and Alexandre Ramos, presents the main advances related to [...]

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IDL at the “Science of Climate Change” meeting

The researcher of the Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) Pedro Matos Soares participated in the meeting "Science of Climate Change: current situation and future perspectives", which took place at the Fundação Champalimaud on December 6 2019. The meeting was organized by Hipácia - Associazione Ricercatori Italiani in Portogallo, with support from the Italian Embassy, the Champalimaud [...]

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North Atlantic Integrated Water Vapor Transport

Researchers of the Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) published an article in the Journal of Climate on the link between global warming, moisture transport and precipitation variability in Western Europe. The work done by the IDL members Pedro Sousa, Alexandre Ramos, Ricardo Trigo, and Ricardo Tomé (in collaboration with colleagues from Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) [...]

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IDL received students from Romania

Last December 2019, the Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) received the visit of students from two schools in Romania, the Gheorghe Magheru School and the Plastic Art School. These students were in Portugal for 3 weeks under the Erasmus + program. This program includes an internship at the Instituto Nacional de Saúde Doutor Ricardo Jorge and study [...]

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Meeting of the DiscoverAzores project

The Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) hosted in December 2019 the meeting of the DiscoverAZORES project. This is a joint project of InBio, CIBIO - Biodiversity Research Center, Universidade dos Açores, IDL, and Universidade de Évora. Its main objective is to determine when the first human occupations actually occurred in the Azores archipelago and to carry [...]

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IDL hosted the III General Assembly of the INDECIS project

The Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) hosted the III General Assembly of the INDECIS European project on 12 and 13 Novembre 2019. This project is an integrated approach for the development across Europe of user oriented climate indicators for GFCS high-priority sectors: agriculture, disaster risk reduction, energy, health, water, and tourism. Sixteen institutions from Spain, Belgium, [...]

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