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Say What?! IDL beyond the Science – Tânia Ferreira

(English version below) Tânia Ferreira foi ginasta do Sporting Club de Portugal na modalidade de trampolins, durante 15 anos (de 1983 a 1998). Foi selecionada para esta modalidade por andar sempre aos saltos e, a sua alcunha na Faculdade, era mesmo “Tânia saltitona”. De competições regionais, nacionais (e algumas internacionais), guarda cerca de 40 medalhas! [...]

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IDL researchers in post-tsunami mission in Indonesia

IDL researchers Martin Wronna and Rachid Omira will be part of the international team that will conduct a post-tsunami field reconnaissance investigation in the Bay of Palu-Indonesia from the 6th to the 11th of November. The tsunami took place on the 28th of September 2018. The goal of the mission is to collect and measure [...]

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Guess Who? – Dorota Szalaj and Riccardo Hénin

Dorota Szalaj is a marine scientist and Riccardo Hénin an atmospheric physicist. They both started the Earthsystems PhD Program in 2016. They choose the words “interdisciplinarity” and “challenging” to describe the Program they enrolled in. They are  the “Guess Who” interviewees of this month. IDL - Dorota and Riccardo, you have different scientific backgrounds, but you both [...]

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PhinallyDone – PhD Survival Guide (Fabiano Mota) Fabiano Mota da Silva just returned from his “PhD trip”, which started back in 2014. We asked him to build a PhD survival guide, which can help others who wish to embark on the same journey. When to go? When you have the desire “to find what has not yet been found”. After that, [...]

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Say What?! IDL beyond the Science – Martin Wronna

A Wurst- salsicharia austríaca, localizada no antigo Mercado de São Bento junto ao Parlamento, tem dado cartas no roteiro gastronómico de Lisboa. Por detrás deste projeto, está Martin Wronna, que a ele se dedica nos seus tempos livres e Maria Fuchs, a sua companheira. O Martin conta que “Em 2013, nas férias, um amigo tratou das plantas [...]

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FOREVAR (Food waste reduction and valorization) is the winner

Joana Ortigueira, PhD student of IDL and IST (supervised by Carla Silva -IDL and Patrícia Moura- LNEG), won the first place in the Toste de Azevedo Award, attributed by the Portuguese Association for Hydrogen. The wining project is entitled FOREVAR (Food waste reduction and valorization) and focuses on the collection and valorization of food waste [...]

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Sara Freitas receives honorable mention in the APREN Awards of 2018

Today, IDL researcher Sara Freitas received the honorable mention of the award APREN (Associação Portuguesa de Energias Renováveis) 2018, for her PhD thesis "Photovoltaic potential in building façades". Sara was student of the MIT Portugal Program - Sustainable Energy Systems from December 2013 to April 2018.   Here you can find out more about Sara's [...]

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Raquel Figueiredo receives “Best Poster Award in Sustainable Energy Systems”

Laat Monday, IDL's PhD student Raquel Figueiredo received the "Best Poster Award in Sustainable Energy Systems" during MIT Portugal Annual's Conference.  Raquel is studying the impact of climate change in the Portuguese electrical system, under the supervision of Miguel Centeno Brito and Pedro Nunes, IDL researchers. The awarded poster "Simulation of power systems: proposal of an enhanced [...]

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Innovation Challenges in Smart Buildings

This Tuesday (2nd of October) IDL hosted the  "High Level Conference and Brainstorming in Innovative challenges in smart buildings". Approximately, 30 people from a variety of institutions, such as universities, research centres and companies got together to discuss smart buildings.

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Say What?! IDL beyond the Science – Sara Freitas

Sara Freitas é, desde 2009, a vocalista e letrista da banda Monolith Moon, uma banda de metal progressivo. Pertence ainda ao naipe dos sopranos no Grupo Coral Stravaganzza e à banda de rock psicadélico PSI*. A Sara comecou a cantar aos 11 anos, quando participou na peça O Fantasma da Ópera. Sara Freitas terminou em 2018 [...]

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