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PhD students supported by the EARTHSYSTEMS grants, will be enrolled in one of the following PhD Programs at the University of Lisbon: Geophysical and Geoinformation Sciences, Geology, or Marine Sciences, depending on their background and research interests.

Selection of candidates

Students will be selected by a multidisciplinary committee, considering 3 main criteria:
1) Academic CV
2) Motivation letter
3) Personal interview

What is essential to include in your CV
The CV must include final marks in degrees completed, a list of marks in individual courses and a list of publications. The motivation letter mustindicate 2 of the research topics ordered by preference. The committee will interview a selected number of candidates. The assignment of research topics will then be negotiated with the selected students.If you believe you want to pursue a research career in Earth System Science check research topics here, and send your CV, a motivation letter, and at least two supporting references, to


Grants offered by the EARTHSYSTEMS program abide to the rules and values set by FCT. These grants are intended for individuals who meet the requirements set forth in Article 30, paragraph 1,of Decree Law nº 74/2006, March 24, as amended by Decree-Law No. 107/2008 June 25, and 230/2009, September 14, and 115/2013 August 07 and it’s holds for one year, renewable for up to four years, and cannot be awarded for periods of less than six consecutive months.

Communication of the results of the call
The results will be communicated by email to all candidates, and the list of approved applicants will be available. In the case of applicants not selected to receive grants, they have a period of 10 days after disclosure, to be heard by the Selection Committee, by request of a preliminary hearing, following the rules set by “Código do Procedimento Administrativo”. The final decision may be appealed to the Directive Board of the program, within 15 days after the respective notification.