Earthsystems PhD 2018 call for applications is open from 4th December 2017 to 5th January 2018 (closed)

The Earthsystems PhD Program gathers a multidisciplinary group of scientists with a common interest in Earth processes: their control of climate in different time scales; their influence on natural resources distribution and characteristics; their effect on major natural hazards; and their impact on sustainable development. The program covers integrated Earth System Studies, with a focus on quantitative research in topics such as “Climate Change”, “Earth Resources”, “Natural Hazards” and “Ocean Frontiers”.
EARTHSYSTEMS is led by IDL and originally included contributions from IDL, the Centers of Geology (GeGUL), Oceanography (MARE) and Statistics (CEAUL), all at ULisboa, the LARSYS Associate Laboratory (through the Centre of IMAR of the University of the Azores and CREMINER/FCUL), and the Portuguese Institute for the Ocean and Atmosphere (IPMA). The first edition of the program started on January 2014.

Program director (since September 2015)
Filipe Rosas (IDL)

Steering committee
Pedro Miranda (head of IDL)
Henrique Cabral (MARE)
Marília Antunes (CEAUL)
Pedro Viterbo (IPMA)

Management and administrative support (secretariat)
Célia Lee


David Stevens
Gil Lemos
Harry Davies
Maria Inês Machado
Jaime Almeida
Juan Pinzón
Martin Wronna
Rui Cereja

Alessandro Righetti
Andreia Ribeiro
Dorota Szalaj
Filipa Luz
Joana Carvalho
Joana Ferreira
João Bravo Dias
Riccardo Hénin

Student integrated into the Program with external funding
Manuel Teixeira

Ana Cunha
Catarina Matos
Daniela Lima
Federico Ienna
Javier Cano
Manuela Ramos
Rodrigo Silva
Vasco Conde

Student integrated into the Program with funding from CAPES (Brazil)
Fabiano Mota da Silva

Andreia Pereira
Catarina Guerreiro
Umberto Andriolo
Joana Ribeiro
Maria João Chinita
Mariana Santos
Pedro Almeida
Virgílio Bento

Students integrated into the Program with external support
Jorge Ponte
Sofia Ermida
Vânia Lima

Research Projects

Proposals Earthsystems Call 2018
Proposals Earthsystems Call 2017
Proposals Earthsystems Call 2016
Ongoing Research Projects 2015