The Earthsystems PhD Program gathers a multidisciplinary group of scientists with a common interest in Earth processes: their control of climate in different time scales; their influence on natural resources distribution and characteristics; their effect on major natural hazards; and their impact on sustainable development. The program covers integrated Earth System Studies, with a focus on quantitative research in topics such as “Climate Change”, “Earth Resources”, “Natural Hazards” and “Ocean Frontiers”.

EARTHSYSTEMS is led by IDL and originally included contributions from IDL, the Centers of Geology (GeGUL), Oceanography (MARE) and Statistics (CEAUL), all at ULisboa, the LARSYS Associate Laboratory (through the Centre of IMAR of the University of the Azores and CREMINER/FCUL), and the Portuguese Institute for the Ocean and Atmosphere (IPMA). The  program started on January 2014.

Program director (since September 2018)
Ricardo Trigo (Director IDL)

Steering committee
Pedro Miranda (IDL)
Henrique Cabral (MARE)
Marília Antunes (CEAUL)
Pedro Viterbo (IPMA)

Coordination committee
João Duarte (IDL)
Emanuel Dutra (IDL)

Program Management and Support
Célia Lee



Afonso Duarte Gomes
Analdyne Mandinga da Cruz Soares
Cláudio Roberto Fernandes de Góis Cardoso
Daniel Rúben Costa Reis Santos
Jesus Jimenez Lopez
Jesus Leonel da Costa dos Reis
Joel Filipe Correia Zeferino
Liliana Caria Oliveira
Patrícia Silva
Susana Ferreira Duarte dos Santos Gonçalves
Teresa Lopes Silva


Ana Caldeirinha
André Cravinho Santos
Ivo Martins
Miguel Inácio
Miguel Pinto
Rui Monteiro (MARE profile)
Susana Silva
Teresa Carmo

Students integrated in the Program with external funding
Inês Ramalho
Manuel Nascimento
Sílvia Nunes

David Stevens
Gil Lemos
Hannah Sophia Davies
Jaime Almeida
Juan Pinzón
Maria Inês Machado
Martin Wronna
Rui Cereja

Alessandro Righetti
Andreia Ribeiro
Dorota Szalaj
Filipa Luz
Joana Carvalho
Joana Ferreira
João Bravo Dias
Riccardo Hénin

Student integrated in the Program with external funding
Manuel Teixeira

Ana Cunha
Catarina Matos (Suspended)
Daniela Lima
Federico Ienna
Javier Cano
Manuela Ramos (MARE profile)
Rodrigo Amaro e Silva
Vasco Conde

Student integrated in the Program with funding from CAPES (Brazil)
Fabiano Mota da Silva (Alumni)

Andreia Pereira (Alumni)
Catarina Guerreiro (Suspended)
Joana Ribeiro (Alumni)
Maria João Chinita (Alumni)
Mariana Santos (MARE profile)
Pedro Almeida (Suspended)
Sofia Ermida (Alumni)
Umberto Andriolo (Alumni)
Virgilío Bento (Alumni)

Students integrated in the Program with external support

Jorge Ponte (Alumni)
Vânia Lima


Jorge Ponte – PhD in Geophysical Sciences and Geoinformation  (Geophysics), Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, 2019
Thesis: Environmental magnetism and paleomagnetism of speleothems: a new tool for documenting high-frequency instabilities of the Earth’s magnetic field and climate

Maria João Chinita – PhD in Geophysical Sciences and Geoinformation  (Metereology), Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, 2018
Thesis: Dynamics of the moderately stable boundary layer.

Andreia Pereira – PhD in Marine Sciences, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, 2018
Thesis: Investigation of fin whales using ocean bottom recordings.

Fabiano Mota da Silva – PhD in Geophysical Sciences and Geoinformation  (Geophysics), Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, 2018
Thesis: Aplicação de métodos geofísicos, geológicos e deteção remota, na investigação da sismicidade induzida na barragem do Castanhão, região nordeste do Brasil.

Joana Ribeiro – PhD in Geophysical Sciences and Geoinformation  (Geophysics), Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, 2018
Thesis: Magnetotelluric studies in detecting an old suture zone and major crustal scale shear zones (Iberia).

Umberto Andriolo – PhD in Geology  (External Geodynamics), Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, 2018
Thesis: Nearshore hydrodynamics and morphology derived from video imagery.

Virgílio Bento – PhD in Geophysical Sciences and Geoinformation (Remote Sensing), Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, 2018
Thesis: The use of remotely sensed Land Surface Temperature for climate monitoring.

Sofia Ermida – PhD in Geophysical Sciences and Geoinformation (Remote Sensing), Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, 2018
Thesis: Harmonization of Remote Sensing Land Surface Products: correction of clear sky bias and characterization of directional effects.

Research Projects

Proposals Earthsystems Call 2018
Proposals Earthsystems Call 2017
Proposals Earthsystems Call 2016
Ongoing Research Projects 2015



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