Professor Michael Ghil, distinguished professor and researcher at the University of California – Los Angeles and the École Normale Supérieure – Paris, was the honorable speaker at IDL Lecture in Earth Systems Science, last October 31st,  with The Complex Physics of Climate Change and Climate Sensitivity: A Grand Unification.

About 120 students, professors and researchers, listen to Professor Michael Ghil, a recognized and awarded researcher by EGU (European Geophysical Union) and AGU (American Geophysical Union) in Earth Sciences areas, with more than 200 articles and books published. Michael Ghil is one of the forerunners of the mathematical modeling of the climate system, observed and treated as a chaotic stochastic-dynamic system, manifested in multiple spatio-temporal scales. Its interdisciplinary and eclectic vision in areas as diverse as climatology, statistics, macroeconomics and population dynamics.