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IDL at INQUA 2019

The International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA) pursues to improve understanding on environmental change during the glacial ages through interdisciplinary research. Each year, delegates from around the world gather for the INQUA congress. This year marks the 20th edition of the event that took place in Dublin, Ireland, from 25 to 31 July. The Instituto [...]

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Evaluation of Efficiency in Artificial Feeding of Beaches

Researchers of the Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) were in fieldwork on the Costa Nova beach, in Aveiro to collect wave and flow data that would allow estimating  sedimentary transport. The data obtained using fluorescent and magnetic tracers and numerical modeling will allow the description and quantification of coastal processes in order to evaluate the efficiency in [...]

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Presentation of the PVCITY Project

The PVCITY project - Solar potential in urban environment is a project started in 2014 and developed by researchers of the Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) with funding of the FCT. The main objective of the project is the production of tools to estimate the solar potential of city's buildings, including roofs and facades. For three [...]

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Researchers of the IDL Identified a Buried Landslide in the Tagus River Delta

Researchers of the Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) identified a buried landslide that accounted for the collapse of half of the Tagus river ebb-tidal delta front possibly in the early Holocene. In this work, recently published in the journal Marine Geology, the stratigraphy of the Tagus river ebb-tidal delta off Lisbon (Portugal) was investigated using high [...]

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Researchers of the IDL in the VI Encontro Internacional da Casa das Ciências

The VI Encontro Internacional da Casa das Ciências took place between 10 and 12 July 2019 in the campus of the University of Lisbon and joined about 1000 teachers from elementary and secondary schools. This is the largest accredited formation event in the area of science teaching held in Portugal and had more than 120 [...]

Researchers of the IDL on Fieldworks in Tunisia

Researchers of the Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) were in a fieldwork campaign in the Hachichina Coast, SE Tunisia. The works were developed under the scientific project “Wetlands vulnerability. Impact of pollution, climate change and extreme events. The case of Hachichina coast (Gulf of Gabes)”. Based on the study of sedimentary records, this project intends to [...]

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IDL at the Ciência 2019 Meeting

The Ciência 2019 took place between 8 and 10 July in the Centro de Congressos of Lisbon. This annual meeting of Portuguese researchers aims to promote the broad debate of the main themes and challenges of the scientific agenda beyond the universe of research. Therefore, the main objective of this meeting is to stimulate participation [...]

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IDL Prizes

During the 1st IDL Annual Conference prizes were awarded to the best PhD dissertations presented in 2018 by students of the Faculdade de Ciência da Universidade de Lisboa (FCUL) / Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL). The winning dissertations were those of Sofia Ermida entitled “Harmonization of Remote Sensing Land Surface Products: correction of clear sky bias [...]

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Researcher of the IDL Creates the Energy Atlas of Madeira

Rui Caldeira, researcher of the Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) and director of the Observatório Oceânico da Madeira (OOM) was on the 90 segundos de ciência program talking about his recent work to create the energy atlas for the autonomous region of Madeira. In this work it was calculated the energy potential that comes from exposure to [...]

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Collaborator of the IDL Receives Research Excellence Award

Nasrrddine Youbi, collaborator of the Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) receives the Research Excellence Excellence Award of the National Center for Recherche Scientifique et Technique (CNRST). The award was given by Clarivate Analytics (Web of Science) together with CNRST (the Moroccan science funding agency), as result of the excellence of the research he has been developing [...]

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