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Guess Who? – Ana Rita Montes

(Verão Portuguesa no final da página) "My favorite thing is to be able to use the bicycle and the public transports to go everywhere (and always be on time). However, I really miss the Portuguese soul and our warm hearts”. Ana Rita Montes is currently doing her PhD in the Technical University of Delft. She [...]

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Aurica, the new supercontinent, in “The Economist”

The new scneario for the future of the continents and oceans on Earth proposed by IDL researchers João Duarte and Filipe Rosas and Wouter Schellart (Monash University, Australia) was featured this month in an article in The Economist. The author of the news piece writes "Earlier this year a rather different prediction was proposed by João [...]

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Press Release: New study redraws Earth’s future supercontinent

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Outreach and educational activities in Summer

As in previous years, IDL participated in the outreach initiatives Verão na ULisboa and Ciência Viva no Verão em Rede.  The latter, organized in collaboration with the Museum of Lisbon, taught the participants how to build a solar car and allowed them to test one. Also, our researchers trained high school students as a part [...]