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Monthly Archives: June 2018


IDL researchers in the Portuguese Participatory Budget

IDL researchers lead 3 of the projects that reached the final phase of the Portuguese Participatory Budget 2018. Each citizen has the right to vote in one national and one regional project. Below, you find information about the 3 projects. National Projects Project #631 - Águas Subterrâneas: Conhecer e Proteger (proposed by Joana Ribeiro and Fran [...]

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Guess Who? / Quem é Quem? – Joana Ribeiro

Joana Ribeiro recently delivered  her PhD thesis in Geophysical Sciences and Geoinformation. She is often in the field collecting not only, research data, but also stories to tell about interesting people and beautiful landscapes. She is the interviewee of this month in the rubric “Guess Who“. (Versão Portuguesa no final da página) IDL - Joana, can [...]

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Renewable Energies’ children book in the “Book Fair of Lisbon”

The book "Faça Sol ou faça Vento", released to the public in a debate session in the Olivais Library in November 2017, was now read out lout during the "Feira do Livro de Lisboa". This book is a collection of short stories about renewable energy and it was written by IDL researchers.

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IDL hosts International Summer School on Energy Transition

The International Summer School on Energy Transition brought together 40 participants and 15 speakers from universities from Portugal, France, Spain, Morocco and Egypt. The initiative counted with a series of talks and round tables with specialists and with a World Café about how to build a zero-carbon society.

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IDL expert comments on rare-earth metals in the Portuguese media

Jornal i published an article about rare-earth metals and their importance in our society nowadays. José Barriga, IDL's researcher, was one of the experts contacted to comment on these metals and their exploitation. Here you can read the newspiece (in Portuguese).

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