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Monthly Archives: April 2018


Link Between Supercontinents and Ocean Tides

A new study published by an international team which includes IDL researchers João Duarte and Hannah Davies proposes the existence of a link between supercontinents and ocean tides. The study was featured in national and international media. You can read the press release of the study in Portuguese and English (published by AGU).

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Guess Who? / Quem é Quem? – Maria Antónia Valente

Maria Antónia Valente works in IDL’s Meteorological Observatory in the center of Lisbon. This Observatory is the climatological  reference station for mainland Portugal, dating back to 1853. You can find this and more in this month's "Guess Who?" interview. (Versão Portuguesa no final da página) IDL - Can you tell us what does your research consist of and why [...]

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“Around the World” with our guest speaker Mona Lisa Oliveira

Last week, IDL received the visit of Mona Lisa Oliveira from Universidade Estadual do Ceará (UECE) in Brazil, who spoke about the “Collaboration FCUL and UECE: Energy, Transports and Sustainability". Mona Lisa was the first PhD student of Carla Silva, IDL's researcher. You can find this fact and more in the conversation we had with Mona Lisa after her talk.  

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“Festival Solar Lisboa” is coming

Last week, IDL members of the Energy Transition group and the journalists of Ciências tested a solar boat, which will provide small trips in the Tagus river in the "Festival Solar Lisboa". Here you can read (in Portuguese) more details about the event, the group, the boat and one of the organizers of the events: Sara Freitas, IDL's PhD student.

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Pedro Soares and Rita Cardoso’s research in article and infography produced by “Fronteiras XXI”

"Num mundo mais quente, a palavra de ordem é adaptação" ("In a warmer world, the most important word is adaptation") is the title of the news article produced by "Fronteiras XXI | Temas que desafiam Portugal e o Mundo"*, that includes interviews with IDL researchers Pedro M. Soares and Rita Cardoso. *cooperation betweeen Fundação Francisco Manuel [...]

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