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Monthly Archives: November 2017


Earthsystems PhD 2018 call is open from 4th December 2017 to 5th January 2018

Instituto Dom Luiz is pleased to announce the opening of 8 Earthsystems PhD Grants (valid applications from 4th December 2017 to 5th January 2018). The EARTHSYSTEMS program gathers a multidisciplinary group of geophysicists, meteorologists, oceanographers, geodesists, geologists, geochemists, biologists and statisticians, based at the University of Lisbon (UL) and at the Portuguese Institute for the Atmosphere [...]

Pedro Soares comments on climate changes

Pedro Soares, IDL researcher on Climate Modelling, participates on "Prós e Contras" (20 November, RTP1) and in Antena Aberta (21 Novembre, Antena 1) programs, to explain and comment about climate models and predictability, environmental impacts and the social adaptability implications of climate change. (in Portuguese). In the  "O Aviso" (The Warnig) episode of "Prós e Contras", Prof. Luísa Schmidt, Prof. Helena [...]

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Second Warning for Humanity: Ricardo Trigo is co-author of the BioScience paper

Ricardo Trigo, is one of the 200 Portuguese who are part of the team of about 15 thousand scientists from 184 countries, who published a paper in BioScience this monday, with a second warning to Humanity for the environmental damages, such as the growing extinction species, deforestation, rising of temperatures or of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This [...]

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Interview to Pedro M. M. Soares to Expresso about Portugal’s climate change scenarios

Interview (Expresso) to Pedro M. M. Soares, researcher at the Instituto Dom Luiz, about the scenarios of climate change that Portugal will face in the future (in Portuguese). Entrevista  (Expresso) a Pedro M. M. Soares, investigador do Instituto Dom Luiz, sobre os cenários modelados de alterações climáticas que Portugal enfrentará.  

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Michael Ghil’s IDL Lecture in Earth Systems Science

Professor Michael Ghil, distinguished professor and researcher at the University of California - Los Angeles and the École Normale Supérieure - Paris, was the honorable speaker at IDL Lecture in Earth Systems Science, last October 31st,  with The Complex Physics of Climate Change and Climate Sensitivity: A Grand Unification. About 120 students, professors and researchers, listen to [...]

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