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Monthly Archives: June 2017


Guess Who? / Quem é Quem? – Luís Matias

Luís Matias is a senior researcher in IDL and Professor at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon since 1996. In this interview, he talks about his research, the evolution of research in Portugal and the changes in IDL in the last years, between other things. He is the fourth guest of the [...]

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Universidade Aberta in IDL

Today the Universidade Aberta Magazine aired on RTP2, counted with the participation of João Duarte, IDL's researcher. The interview to João Duarte about the earthquake of 1755 and the future of the continents and oceans took place in IDL's library.  

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Interview to Carlos Pires in TSF about the high temperatures in Portugal

Here you can listen to the interview.

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Carlos da Camara talks about the recent fires in Portugal in SIC Notícias.

Here you can listen to the interview in SIC Notícias (in Portuguese).

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Intreview to Luís Matias in Rádio Espanha (Brazil)

Here you can listen to the interview to Luís Matias about tsunamis in the Iberian Coast. The interview was aired this week in Rádio Espanha, a Brazilian radio station.

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Pedro Miranda comments on the fire of Pedrógão Grande (SIC Notícias)

Here you can see the interview.

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There is Science in the City: How climate influences life in the city?

Last Saturday (June 3rd), the workshop Há Ciência na Cidade/There is Science in the City (part of the project European Researchers Night; organized by the Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência) was organized by IDL researchers of the Climate change, atmosphere-land-ocean processes and extremes group and the Energy transition group. This initiative has the goal to [...]

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Tsunami warning signs in Lagos

Now that Summer is approaching and thousands of people go on holidays to the coast of Portugal, it's time to be even more attent about the prevention of tsunamis. Here you can listen to the news about the tsunami warning signs in Lagos and the workshop about tsunami prevention, promoted by CERU and the Town [...]

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Portuguese student vice-champion in the first world Hackathon

Here you can read the newspiece in Ciências website. Press Release (PT)

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