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Monthly Archives: April 2016


Conference COP 21 – Challenges for Portugal after the Paris Conference

One week ago IDL hosted the Conference COP 21 - Desafios para Portugal depois da Conferência de Paris (COP 21 - Challenges for Portugal after the Paris Conference). More than 10 speakers participated in the discussion about climate change, urbanism and mobility, energy, and economy and society. In IDL's youtube channel you can watch a summary video about the [...]

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Article of IDL researchers is the cover of Seismological Research Letters

"Educating for Earthquake Science and Risk in a Tectonically Slowly Deforming Region" is the cover of this month's Seismological Research Letters. Link to the article here. Link to Seismological Research Letters here.  

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Meeting the scientist Mário Cachão

Mário Cachão, IDL researcher, in Escola Ciência Viva. Read more here (PT).

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The Beaches of Cascais: past and present

The video "The Beaches of Cascais: past and present" was released today. See the evolution of the beaches of Cascais (Portugal) in the last 100 years by comparing photographs from the early to mid-20th century with recent ones. Surprised? Link to the video here. More information here. Initiative promoted by Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade [...]

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Hannibal route through the Alps: A puzzle with more than 2000 years

IDL and Departamento de Geologia researcher Pedro J. M. Costa was part of the international team that determined the exact route used around 220 BC by the brilliant general Hannibal (for many the most ingenious military in history). Romans had assumed the Alps created a secure natural barrier against invasion. However, Hannibal and its army [...]

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5th International Tsunami Field Symposium

The 5th International Tsunami Field Symposium will be held in Portugal in September 2017. The Organizing Committee, composed by IDL members, invites you to attend this event. This meeting is part of a series of successful field symposiums that started in the early 2000's. The meeting in Lisbon and the Algarve will follow this tradition [...]

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